Secret of Skinwalker Ranch

Secret of Skinwalker Ranch

By Dr. Sol Adoni

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Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is complete BULLSHIT

This show spouts religious mumbo jumbo by a bunch of Mormons in Utah about UFOS.

They even use a scam Rabbi to open portals, HAHA.


First, Orbs are not UFOS they are easily explained by how the earth’s core and the sun interact via all types of energy waves and cycles.

Look people, I see lights, the northern lights, they must be proof of aliens and high intelligence communicating with us.

No dummy, it’s the magnetic fields of earth and the sun doing what they do, interacting between each other in set patterns and at set wavelenghts in electrical energy.

Now, when these same streams of energy go through heavy metal areas such as lithium and uranium, they produce orbs.

Not UFOS, not intelligent life, just energy streams interferred with by surface deposits of heavy metals that are used to produce ENERGY.

As EMPS pass through heavy uranium concentrations like at nuclar power plants, they produce ORBS not UFOS.

Brandon Fugal is part of the investment group Colliers.

Travis Taylor is a disinfo clown PHD from a minor school who spews more dumb shit than any PhD around.

He is pure disinfo and was involved with the UAP unit run by the Pentagon. Clowns.

This crap show is almost as bad as the loons at Ancient Aliens both produced by the crap History Channel.

Look people, humans have been around for a long time, way longer than modern history records. We’ve had advanced lost civilizations and you can see their works all over the world. No alients needed to build ancient monuments, lost human civilizations built them. See my book Lost Civilizaations.

Lost Civilizations explain it all.

TheĀ  only interesting thing about Skinwalker Ranch is it is on the ley line of energy from Portland through Miami I’ve been writing about for decades. It’s part of the infamous Pentagram of Blood.

Oh, THE TRUTH about UFOS is at

The Greys are hybrids created by the Atlanteans a lost civilizaation. See my book about my encounter with the Greys.

Orbs are EMP passing through heavy metal deposits which are all over Utah.

For REAL UFOS see the Film I made 3 decades ago.

UFOS The Proof a book I wrote decades ago.

Rowell the Proof is a book with absolute PROOF you cannot trust the government on anything involving UFOS.

The film is excellent.

If you want to watch dumb ass mormons put out disinfo about EMP Orbs you will love this crappy show.