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Dr. Rabbi Sol Adoni




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For over 30 years Dr. Adoni has amazed fans with his psychic abilities by releasing his SOLLOG PROPHECIES. You can download his Prophecies at Sollog Prophecies.


Due to his amazing and accurate Prophecies, he became the most investigated person in the history of the NSA & FBI  due to his public warnings about 911 and other events. Major media is not allowed to report on him.


Dr. Adoni revealed in his book titled, Grey Aliens My Encounter, how he was chosen to give UFO Information to humanity.


He has also given humanity exact details of future events in his famous Sollog Prophecies in order to warn mankind a apocalyptic event is nigh.


An Asteroid is set to strike earth in 2023, causing hundreds of Fukushima Events all over the planet from the huge tsunami. Billions are set to die. Yet in some timelines the Greys will intervene.




Dr. Adoni has released futuristic concepts in math and physics. His Theory E has destroyed the work of Newton and Eintein


His work known as the Pentagram of Blood is showing the world how manipulated events are on earth.


Mass death events strike the Pentagram of Blood 0ver and over.


REAL UFOS an Adoni Films Project from the 90’s, revealed UFO Concepts copied by many UFO researchers.


It was released almost 30 years ago and no researchers gave Dr. Adoni credit for his work they copied.


Adoni Publishing revealed a massive coverup in the book In Roswell The Proof. It is a popular Book and Film.


Dr. Adoni has been one of the leaders of the Mandela Effects Phenomena.


Dr. Adoni is the founder of the Computer Universe Theory a concept he theorized in the 1970’s in a academic think tank as a teen ager.


Beware of FAKE UFO Info in UFO Shows like Ancient Aliens and Skywalker Ranch


Humans built ancient sites all over the world.  Humans that had great civilizations now lost to history. See Dr. Adoni’s books on Lost Ancient Civilizations and OOPA’s.


Orbs at SWR are not UFOS, they are due to heavy metal deposits near surface.


As EMP’s stream between Earth and the Sun, energy passes through the heavy metals such as lithium and uranium near the surfact and Orbs are created.


The Greys are not Aliens. They are hybrids created by Altanteans.


The Atlantieans are now gone, but the Greys remain.


Welcome to the New Age.